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FIOFRO Launch Job Advice

FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the launch of the Employment Advice Service. This platform delivers advice on employment, CV creation, interview techniques, live one to one advice from trained advisors and interview support services. The platform charges a low monthly subscription fee and went live with over 1,000 users.
The Employment Advice Service uses an Online Advice Platform from FIOFRO Limited, the service used to be operated manually where poepple looking for adivice would have to travel into a location to meet with an advisor and obtain continual support either in person or over the phone, this new platform brings access to this type of service directly to the finger tips of the person who needs the advice exactly when they need it.

With the ability to now access a full document management system, video support section, live online consultation rooms, common FAQ area, full audit trail systms, workshop and events system with the ability to obtain tickets, people looking for advice now have a full set of tools to help them land that next job.
When you also take into account the improved efficientcies delivered by the systems, you will see how you can support more people, in less time whilst delivering more support, all whilst generating additional revenues into the business.
A spokesperson for FIOFRO Limited stated; " We are so proud that one of our first Online Advice Platforms, is in place to helps so many people just when they need that help, it is a true testiment to both the system and to the innovative approach of our client in helping people to achieve there goals".