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FIOFRO Announce Development

FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the development of a new type of platform. FIOFRO Limited are finalising the devlopment of their new online platform, called the Online Advice Centre (OAP), this development brings a whole new dynamic to the platforms and services offered by FIOFRO Limited.
FIOFRO Limited have been working in secret on the development of a new platform to add to their already exciting portfolio, this new development brings and additional dynamic to the offerings from the company as it is said to deliver the ultimate in online advice services.

When asked to explain this move, back in October 2016, the company refused to comment, other than saying that this was just an investigation into the possibilities of helping poeple to provide support services. It was however leaked, that a new development was being considered in response to a clients request, the client was never named.
So, here we are today, showing that roumours can sometimes bear fruit with the announcement of the development completion of the new service.
A spokesperson from FIOFRO stated; "Supplying services and platforms that both meet and exceed our clients expectations is what we at FIOFRO do, This new platform is no exception, we are hoping to launch it within the first quarter of 2017 and already have a few interested parties in being the first to take one. All I can say for now, is watch this space".