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FIOFRO Launch Referees Connect

FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the launch of the Manchester County Football Association, Referee Community Platform. The Social Engagement Platform and communications portal  for all Referees under the FA in the county of Manchester.

The MCFA Referees Community Platform manages the relationships between the Refereess and the Manchester County Football Association, outlining who is available for which matches on what dates and ensuring the delivery of the latest mandates, instructions and policies of MCFA within a secure, private enviromnment.

 The Social Engagement Platform from FIOFRO creates an environment dedicated to supporting Referees and the role they play within football. The platform was designed to offer support and informations, whilst delivering the ability for Refrees to air their thoughts and issues in this fast paced heavily scrutinised side of the game.
A spokesperson from FIOFRO limited stated; "We are very excited to see a solution to supporting the role of Refrees within the FA, they have a dificult and demanding job to do and anything that can help to provide support and training in this area has been welcomed by all parties".