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FIOFRO Launch MCFA Intranet

FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the launch of the MCFA Intranet, an internal communication platform for MCFA Staff and management, delivering fast and effective communications and transparency throughout the internal workings of Manchster County Football Association.

As a part of our contract with Manchester County Football Association, there was a requirement to convert one of our social platforms into an internal intranet communications platform, bring together all of the staff and management into one centrally managed environment.
This solution posed a unique set of challenges but once FIOFRO fully understood the requirements of Manchester County Football Association, we managed to tailor our platform to meet these requirements.
A spokesman for FIOFRO limited stated "Well there is nothing like starting with the hardest part of the contract first, and we manage to not only deliver the right solution, but to alos add areas that had never been considered, we are very pleased with the end result and the client is very pleased with thier new systems".