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FIOFRO Launch Disability Network

FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the launch of Connecting Disability. a social network that is dedicated to disabled users and the rights of disabled people from around the world. The objective is to provide a centralised community where disabled people can discuss issues, connect and find support in a safe and secure environment.
This project is not about taking disabled people out of main stream media but rather about consolidating the voice of disabled organisations and people to ensure they are heard and the issues addressed. the philosophy is based around the premise that together we stand strong and united creating a voice that can not be ignored. The service will be owned and operated by disabled people and supported by bonafide organisations trying to make a diference.
All revenues generated go towards running the service and funding programmes for disabled people and organisations where funding descisions are made by a panel of people from the community.
A spokesman for FIOFRO limited stated "We are proud to be spear heading this platform and look forward to people sharing their thoughts in a community of their peers. This platform is all about empowerment, equality and support, whilst bringing together a community to fight for their rights in making real change".