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FIOFRO Launch Military Support

FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the launch of the Military Support Network. OppO Connect is a social network that is operated by the OppO Foundation to support serving, non-serving, retired service men and women and their families. The objective is to bring like-minded people together who have shared experiences whilst...
delivering a centralised resource providing dedicated support from multiple service providers and charities. The objective of the platform is to deliver a place where ex-service men can connect and support one another delivering advice from people who have actually been there and understand the issues.
The platform will also act as a centralised resource centre providing access to bonafide support chrities and organisations, removing the barriers to searching for and finding the right support partners, whilst raising funds to sponsor events, sports engagement funding and community programmes that are selected by the members.
A spokesman for FIOFRO limited stated "We are proud to be involved in this project to support our brave men and women in any way that we can, most of these people have given so much for our freedoms and security, it is only right that we each find a way of giving something back and to show our appreciation for their sacrifice".