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FIOFRO Launch YES Connect

FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the launch of YES Connect, a social network dedicated to people who wish to continue the debate and the pressure for an Independent Scotland. FIOFRO was approached by some of the main voices within this movement to investigate how a Platform could help to consolidate their supporters to...
build a real political pressure group that could engage with the whole community and bring together the numerous factions that exisited through out Scotcland, giving one voice with one direction by community consent. Yes Connect brings the community together where the people feel free to express their opinions among like-minded people who are passionate about the Independence of Scotland.
A spokesman for FIOFRO limited stated "As a rule we tend to stay clear of political parties and politics as a whole but in this case the platform was being operated by a community of people who wanted to run community projects as well as operate unfetterd A-political debates around the issues involved from a community perspective rather than a political one.
We saw this as supporting the voice to the common man rather than supporting any political party agenda and to this end the network has been a success. We are proud to have been involved in bringing communities together to debate the common consensus and the freedoms of individuals to forge their own paths ".