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FIOFRO Launch Christian Network

FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the launch of Our Christian Network, a social network dedicated to people who wish to come together to share their Christian beliefs. The network has been developed to bring Christians, churches and church groups together in a centralised, secure environment dedicated to their belief structure.
The platform provides facilities for people to engage with their church and one another in a friendly environment, the platform provides facilities for users to connect with each other, find and connect with new people from around the world, join online bible study groups, access discount services, donate to projects, programmes and aid projects, host prayer requests, reach out to a network of international churches, attend digital seminars, broadcast sermons and share their faith with a group of like-minded people.
A spokesman for FIOFRO limited stated " This network was a real step outside of our usual platform delivery specification but definately demonstrates the versatility of our Social Engagement Platforms, our staff researched and discussed the brief with our client and understood the delicate nature of the requirements and delivered what I can only term as an inspirational body of work, we are very proud to be associated with this platform, its aims and objectives".
Our Christian Network is set to go live in April 2015 and looks set to change the way christians connect and what they can expect from a christian engagement platform.