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FIOFRO Launch Bury FC Network

FIOFRO Limited are proud to announce the launch of the official Bury FC Supporters Network, This is a Social Engagement Platform for the supporters of Bury FC, one of the oldest football clubs in the football league. Working in partnership with Bury FC, FIOFRO Limited are providing a managed service that engages with the Fans of Bury FC.
A spokesman for FIOFRO limited stated " Bury FC is an exciting client for our company and enables Bury FC to connect and engage with their fans in a dedicated, safe and secure environment that is branded and owned by the club. A social Engagement Platform is the ideal solution for any sports brand who wish to connect with their supporters in a controlled and managed enviroment delivering a real community to the fans of the club whilst generating sustainable revenue streams to support the clubs growth".
Mr Glenn Thomas, the CEO of Bury FC stated "This is an exciting time for Bury FC, we are climbing the boards towards promotion and now thanks to our platform have the facilities to invigorate and engage with our supporters in our own on-line community. Our network brings our supporters together with the club and one another delivering a real connected community that is passionate about the game and the club. Using this platform we can run competitions, stream exclusive video footage, upload exclusive photos, release the latest news, the latest signings, and our future growth plans directly to our supporters first in a secure dedicated area that we now term as the home of the Bury FC Community".