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FIOFRO Limited General Policy

At the core of how we run our business are a number of policies which we all follow in our day-to-day work and guide our long-term direction, these policies protect your information and our business.

Other than the major policies relating to doing business with FIOFRO Limited, we also operate a broader range of policy statements relating to FIOFRO Limited's ethos as listed below.

Bullying and harassment: We believe everyone should be treated fairly and with respect – all staff should be able to work in an environment free of bullying.

Climate change and emissions: We recognise this is a key issue for industry and are working within industry to manage our contribution and meet international reduction targets, in addition to this all staff, directors and international partners have signed a commitment to use 60% public transport in the travel relating to their duties where ever possible.

Disability discrimination: We aim to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for our workforce, meeting all the latest regulatory requirements and work with third party industry specialists to help deliver and spread the message of equality for all.

Equal opportunities: We think equality and diversity are key ingredients in our success – they enhance our creativity, increase our performance and provide for a richer environment of cohesive co-operation.

Ethics: Our actions are guided by a strong sense of ethics, whether it’s with customers, colleagues, international partners or suppliers.

Health and safety: Our success depends on our ability to provide a healthy and safe working environment.

Risk management: We continually monitor and evaluate the threats to FIOFRO Limited's purpose, vision, objectives and strategy.

Corporate responsibility: We manage our business in a way that has a positive effect across economic, social and environmental areas.