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no capital outlay

  • Features

    • Absolutely no capital outlay
    • No technical experience required, we do it all
    • You own all of your members data
    • All Revenues go direct to your organisation
    • You own your business and your brand
    • No hidden fees or penalties what so ever
    • Fully tailored to your network requirements
    • Branded as your organisation on your own URL
    • Full editable categories for photos, videos & events
    • Fully editable registration information
    • Integrated management information systems
    • Integrated all member email broadcast system
    • Multiple Tiered membership levels available
    • Multiple subscription levels available
    •  Per level member restrictions available
    •  Automated membership upgrade paths available
    •  Optional integrated rewards programmes
    •  Integrated Events and Ticket Sales Systems
    •  Page sponsorship systems
    •  Full membership profiles & avatars
    • Permission based, peer to peer Networking
    • Advanced member search facilities
    •  members can create and join internal groups
    •  Member discussion areas
    • Members can upload and share Videos & Photos
    • Full invite system linked to social networks
    • Twitter chat integration - add here, add there
    • Editable privacy settings & network views
    • Internal email management systems
    • Members can post wall comments
    • Fully interactive, branded, community platform
    • share posts, like items, dislike items

    Much more than a community platform

    •  Full integrated Crowd Funding platform available
    •  Full integrated document management system
    •  Integrated shopping carts available
    •  Integrated timed auction facilities available
    •  Integrated Training course delivery systems
    •  Intergrate Pay per View TV streaming available

    And much, much more - Talk to us to find out our entire package today.