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  • Market Types

    Is a Social Engagement Platform Right for me?

    A Social Engagement Platform can help almost any type of community or club to connect with their members whilst increasing attrition levels and revenues into the organisation, some of these market sectors are;

    • Supporter based groups
    • Youth Groups
    • Political Pressure Groups
    • Common Interest Groups
    • Business Networks
    • Sports Associations
    • Community Engagement
    • Collaboration Networks
    • Faith Based organisations 
    • Community Associations
    • Regional Bodies
    • Union Organisations
    • Schools & Universities
    • Facebook & Twitter Groups
    • Sports Engagement
    • Social Groups
    • Company Intranets
    • Local Authorities
    • Bands & Music Fan Clubs
    • Industry Institutions
    • Charities & Not for Profits
    • TV Stations
    • Fringe Sports Clubs
    • Activist Groups

    Basically, if you have access to people who have a common interest and wish to interact with other people who share that interest, then we have the solution for you.

    One of the main advantages to our systems and our somewhat unique business model is that our services comes with a guarnateed zero capital outlay, removing all of the barriers to client acquisition for our clients and the clients and the clients of our international licensed distributor channels.

    So if you want your organisation to connect and communicate with your members, supporters or followers in a private, dedicated environment, delivering increased attrition and interactive activity, whilst directly benefiting your organisation financially, without any capital outlay costs then a Social Engagement Platform is right for you.

    We are not a data mining company, we are a software provisioning company who run a somewhat unique model that removes the risks and barriers of creating your own social community that is branded as your organisation and delivered under your own dedicated URL and not someone elses brand or branded sub domain.

    We deliver a ready to start trading system.