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social engagement platforms

  • Product Info

    Our Social Engagement Platforms help organisations of all sizes and from all walks of life to engage, communicate and connect with their members, supporters and employees through the delivery of a private, secure, interactive and cost effective social platform, fully branded as their organisation.

    In the past this type of service has been cost prohibitive and a number of large organisations siezed this opportunity to provide the free use of their branded services, as long as you promote their branding, build their asset and generate them revenues. These social giants are now valued at billions of dollars yet the organisations who have built this service connecting their own followers get nothing.
    A Social Engagement Platform addresses this in balance by providing clients with their own full state of the art, responsive social networking platform; branded as their organisation, hosted under their domain name with "ALL" revenues going directly to their organisation and where their organisation own all of the data, building their asset under their brand for their benefit for life.
    We provide a full service for the client so that they are ready to go from day one. There is no need to have any technical expertise as we take care of everything as a managed service, we build the service, we brand the service for the client, we add the clients content and images, and we host the servioce for the client on state of the art, secure servers.
    All a client needs to do is to tell people that they exist, promote their network, grow their business and grow their revenues, Its that simple.
    Don't become a voice shouting amongst a billion other voices, diluting your message, become the dedicated voice for your specific community.