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Private Social Platforms

We specialise in the provision of online services that help organisations of all sizes to engage, communicate and connect with their members, supporters or employees through the provision of a cost effective, private social platform.
In the past this type of service has been cost prohibitive to most organisations and this opportunity was seized upon by a number of large, well funded social organisations providing the use of their branded services as long as you promote their branding, build their asset values and generate them advertising revenues.
Well no more, we have removed these historic barriers by providing you with your own state of the art social network, branded as your organisation with no capital outlay cost to your organisation.
We help organisations of all sizes to benefit from the social asset that they are building and moving those assets into a dedicated, branded, secure environment that benefits both the user and the organisation, taking back control of your members, your revenues, your data and your asset values.
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Are you tired of growing another companies brand, whilst generating them millions of dollars in advertising revenues ? Would you like to become your own social media giant branded as your own organisation, serving your own community or customers, generating you reveneues, where you own all of the data and the assets?.

Our Social Engagement Platforms are branded as your organisation, delivering your message to your members, generating you revenues. They are fully responsive and work with all known browsers on PC, Tablet and Mobile.

Our Social Engagement Platforms provide you with all of the social features and services that you and your users could want whilst providing multiple revenue streams that go directly to your organization. You own all of your members data and you control how this data is used, Guaranteed.

Our Social Engagement Platforms help organisations of all sizes and from all walks of life to engage, communicate and connect with their members, supporters and employees through the delivery of a private, secure, interactive and cost effective social platform, fully branded as their organisation.

In the past this type of service has been cost prohibitive and a number of large organisations siezed this opportunity to provide the free use of their branded services, as long as you promote their branding, build their asset and generate them revenues. These social giants are now valued at billions of dollars yet the organisations who have built this service connecting their own followers get nothing.
A Social Engagement Platform addresses this in balance by providing clients with their own full state of the art, responsive social networking platform; branded as their organisation, hosted under their domain name with "ALL" revenues going directly to their organisation and where their organisation own all of the data, building their asset under their brand for their benefit for life.
We provide a full service for the client so that they are ready to go from day one. There is no need to have any technical expertise as we take care of everything as a managed service, we build the service, we brand the service for the client, we add the clients content and images, and we host the servioce for the client on state of the art, secure servers.
All a client needs to do is to tell people that they exist, promote their network, grow their business and grow their revenues, Its that simple.
Don't become a voice shouting amongst a billion other voices, diluting your message, become the dedicated voice for your specific community.
As you can see in the video below, the world loves to connect with one another and share common interests, but are you promoting your brand or the brand of some faceless giant social network, using your efforts to grow their business and revenues ? These networks are now valued at billions of dollars yet you get no share of these revenues, no brand loyalty, no access to your data or even a thank you. It's time for a change.

Start promoting your own social network and start building your own valuable asset, you do not need any capital outlay, require any technical ability and there is no risk. You simply market your service to your people and grow your business.
It's that simple.

Is a Social Engagement Platform Right for me?

A Social Engagement Platform can help almost any type of community or club to connect with their members whilst increasing attrition levels and revenues into the organisation, some of these market sectors are;

  • Supporter based groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Political Pressure Groups
  • Common Interest Groups
  • Business Networks
  • Sports Associations
  • Community Engagement
  • Collaboration Networks
  • Faith Based organisations 
  • Community Associations
  • Regional Bodies
  • Union Organisations
  • Schools & Universities
  • Facebook & Twitter Groups
  • Sports Engagement
  • Social Groups
  • Company Intranets
  • Local Authorities
  • Bands & Music Fan Clubs
  • Industry Institutions
  • Charities & Not for Profits
  • TV Stations
  • Fringe Sports Clubs
  • Activist Groups

Basically, if you have access to people who have a common interest and wish to interact with other people who share that interest, then we have the solution for you.

One of the main advantages to our systems and our somewhat unique business model is that our services comes with a guarnateed zero capital outlay, removing all of the barriers to client acquisition for our clients and the clients and the clients of our international licensed distributor channels.

So if you want your organisation to connect and communicate with your members, supporters or followers in a private, dedicated environment, delivering increased attrition and interactive activity, whilst directly benefiting your organisation financially, without any capital outlay costs then a Social Engagement Platform is right for you.

We are not a data mining company, we are a software provisioning company who run a somewhat unique model that removes the risks and barriers of creating your own social community that is branded as your organisation and delivered under your own dedicated URL and not someone elses brand or branded sub domain.

We deliver a ready to start trading system.

  • Absolutely no capital outlay
  • No technical experience required, we do it all
  • You own all of your members data
  • All Revenues go direct to your organisation
  • You own your business and your brand
  • No hidden fees or penalties what so ever
  • Fully tailored to your network requirements
  • Branded as your organisation on your own URL
  • Full editable categories for photos, videos & events
  • Fully editable registration information
  • Integrated management information systems
  • Integrated all member email broadcast system
  • Multiple Tiered membership levels available
  • Multiple subscription levels available
  •  Per level member restrictions available
  •  Automated membership upgrade paths available
  •  Optional integrated rewards programmes
  •  Integrated Events and Ticket Sales Systems
  •  Page sponsorship systems
  •  Full membership profiles & avatars
  • Permission based, peer to peer Networking
  • Advanced member search facilities
  •  members can create and join internal groups
  •  Member discussion areas
  • Members can upload and share Videos & Photos
  • Full invite system linked to social networks
  • Twitter chat integration - add here, add there
  • Editable privacy settings & network views
  • Internal email management systems
  • Members can post wall comments
  • Fully interactive, branded, community platform
  • share posts, like items, dislike items

Much more than a community platform

  •  Full integrated Crowd Funding platform available
  •  Full integrated document management system
  •  Integrated shopping carts available
  •  Integrated timed auction facilities available
  •  Integrated Training course delivery systems
  •  Intergrate Pay per View TV streaming available

And much, much more - Talk to us to find out our entire package today.

So how do you build your asset and generate revenues?
Well we provide you a fully branded platform and you market your new network to your followers, supporters, fans and people who are interested in your community, the system has a number of integrated revenue generating models that pay ALL revenues direct to your organisation.
For the purposes of this example; we have chosen 3 values and assumed a network of only 5,000 people sharing a common interest. This is a direct comparison of you using a public social giant and running your own Social Engagement Platform.
Revenue Streams
  Own Platform   Social Giant
Subscriptions   £180,000   £0.00
Advertising   £20,000   £0.00
Asset Value   £650,000   £0.00
Upgrade   £60,000   £0.00
The above figures are based on only 5,000 users paying a £3.00 per month subscription with 50% upgrading by £2.00 within 6 months. The user value is based upon  a market rate of £130.00 per subscriber valuation. All figures are pre revenue share splits.
It all sounds too good to be true. How do you make any revenues if you do not charge any set up fees, hosting fees or provision fees?
Well, we take all of the risk in the provision of your Social Engagement Platform and for this we share in the reward, in a form of an agreed revenue share. It is like a partnership, we provide all of the systems and support at our expense and you market the service to your followers and we all share in the success. It's that simple.

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